Thuur van Onzen, TUE

Title: Novel intrinsically fluorescent nanoparticles, purely based on conjugated oligomers for in vivo imaging
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 11:00


Intrinsically fluorescent nanoparticles (iNPs) are of great clinical interest for use in optical molecular imaging and optical guided surgery because they are ionization free, sensitive and allow real time imaging. We are currently investigating the potential of a modular iNP system as optical molecular imaging agent. Our iNPs are composed of smaller subunits, termed oligomers, which can be specifically functionalized with ligands. Multifunctional iNPs can be made by simply mixing differently functionalized oligomers prior to NP fabrication. The oligomers bear a π-conjugated fluorescent core, which is the source of the iNPs excellent intrinsic photophysical properties. The in vivo behavior of NPs was investigated by incorporating a radioactive tracer, which allowed monitoring by radioactivity as well as intrinsic fluorescence. In this talk, several routes of functionalizing iNPs with 111-indium will be presented, including strain-promoted click reactions such as inverse-electron-demanded Diels-Alder ligation. Next the in vivo behavior of iNPs in terms of blood clearance and biodistribution will be discussed.





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NanoCity 2015
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