The Societal Incubator

Nanotechnologies hold great potential for society, but at the same time many nanotechnology entrepreneurs are concerned about the societal response towards their nano-innovations.How can we make sure that the innovation potential is realized and society will actually benefit from nano-innovations? Hop on the Societal
Incubator Train to explore how to bring nano-innovation and society closer together.

The Societal Incubator Carriage will host two workshops. During these workshops we aim to bring together different stakeholders from business, science, government and civil society to discuss the potential of nanoinnovation.

The first workshop will be kicked off by a nanotechnology entrepreneur that works on a promising nano-innovation, but faces uncertainty about the societal response.
The Societal Incubator Carriage will provide a meaningful way to learn whether these concerns are justified or not, and perhaps be a source of inspiration for novel design choices to overcome societal concerns.

The second workshop will allow a representative from civil society to pitch a societal challenge, that may inspire nano-innovations. Think for instance, of the challenge to find good alternatives for
animal-based protein products, such as meat and dairy products, given their big ecological footprint. Perhaps an interesting niche for nano-innovation?

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