Stefan Witte, ARCNL

Title: Lensless microscopy: from coherent X-ray imaging to miniature microscopes
Session: Monday 5 October, 15:45


Lensless imaging is an elegant approach to microscopy, in which the image formation is achieved using computer algorithms rather than optical components. Such an approach allows the development of extremely compact microscopes, since no lens systems are needed, and it enables high-resolution imaging with radiation for which there are no good-quality imaging optics available, such as X-rays.
In lensless imaging, coherent light illuminates an object and the resulting diffraction pattern is recorded directly with an image sensor. A high-resolution image of the object can be retrieved if the electric field of the diffracted light is known, which means that both intensity and phase need to be retrieved.
I will explain the principles of lensless imaging and discuss our efforts to develop an ultra-high-resolution soft-X-ray microscope, using high-harmonic generation as a table-top coherent soft-X-ray source. Furthermore, I will present our recent results on the development of miniaturized lensless phase contrast microscopes.




 Dr. Stefan Witte received his PhD (Cum Laude) from VU University Amsterdam in 2007. Presently he is group leader of the EUV generation and imaging group at the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL), and is assistant professor at VU University. His research focuses on the generation of EUV radiation from laser-produced plasmas, and on the development of lensless imaging methods for microscopy.



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