Seungkyu Ha, TUD

Title: Fabrication and surface functionalization of highly birefringent titanium dioxide nanocylinders for biomolecule studies in an optical torque
Session: Monday 5 October, 17:15


The optical torque wrench (OTW) allows the direct application and measurement of both force and torque on biomolecules and biomolecular motors. The applicable torque of the OTW is dependent on the birefringence of the trapped nanocylinders. Quartz has proven a convenient material, but its quite low birefringence limits full investigation of torque-speed relationships of diverse biological systems. In contrast, rutile-phase titanium dioxide exhibits a 29-times higher birefringence but its utilization has been infrequent because of the difficulties in optical trapping and fabrication.
We have developed and optimized design, fabrication, and functionalization of rutile nanocylinders. We employ finite element method calculations to determine the stably trappable nanocylinder dimensions. Our plasma etching-based fabrication protocol allows high aspect ratio and controlled sidewall profiles, and we achieve efficient functionalization using epoxysilanes as biomolecular crosslinkers. Our recent results, in which we use functionalized, trapped rutile nanocylinders to study single biomolecules, will be presented.






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