Robbert van de Kruijs, YMESA+, University of Twente

Title: Oxygen Stabilized Triangular Defects in Few Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 12:00


Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is a promising candidate for use in novel electronics in conjunction with graphene due to their highly commensurate crystal structures but contrasting electronic properties. A high
degree of crystallinity is required for these applications but recent TEM experiments have observed the abundant presence of triangle shaped voids. We employ first-principle calculations to study the chemical nature, thermo-dynamical stability and spectroscopic properties of these triangular defects in h-BN and their edge termination. Until now, only defects with nitrogen terminated edges have been considered in literature but our results show that oxygen terminated defects are far more stable. Simulated x-ray absorption spectra of the boron K-edge for oxygen terminated defects show excellent agreement with experimental XANES measurements on defective h-BN films with oxygen impurities. Additionally, the structural model for oxygen
defects in h-BN that follows directly from the simulated core level spectroscopy corresponds perfectly to the experimentally observed equilateral triangle shaped voids.






Robbert van de Kruijs has been involved in the development of EUVL coatings for the past 14 years. After obtaining his PhD in the field of neutron optics, he joined the FOM institute DIFFER, where he has been involved with the thin film and multilayer related research activities, focusing on fundamental layer growth properties as well as application relevant topics such as thermal damage, optics contamination and spectral filtering. Currently he is involved in various EUVL related R&D projects within the XUV focus group of the MESA+ institute at the University of Twente, exploring industrially relevant topics such as optics lifetime, protective pellicles and advanced reticle architectures.


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