Sabine Paulussen, VITO

Title: New intensified water treatment concepts for removal of micropollutants and viruses from water
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 13:45


During the last few decades, the drinking water industry has become increasingly concerned about the occurrence of micropollutants and viruses in source waters for drinking water supply. Today, membrane processes for water treatment mainly rely on size exclusion and the pores of filtration membrane used for removal of micropollutants and viruses are very narrow which translates into very limited water fluxes. This means that filtration processes are not efficient as they could be, and with society's growing needs for fresh water and increased water scarcity, these limitations can become a problem. Therefore, some intensified water treatment concepts based on
nano-structured and nano-functionalized membranes are presented, which may allow to overcome the frustration arising from the seemingly unbreakable linkage between increased retention and lowered water flow through the membrane when it comes to producing safe and pure drinking water.



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