Ronald Hanson, TU Delft

Title: Quantum computers and quantum internet
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 10:30


One year ago the Dutch government elected Quantum Technologies as one of 4 National Icon projects. In this talk I will present the basic concepts and the prospects for using the strange consequences of quantum theory for computing and communication. Whereas all current ICT is based on the fundamental "bit" that can have the value "0" or "1", quantum theory allows bits to be in superposition states of "0" or "1". Such quantum versions of bits are called qubits. In the past 20 years it has become clear that computing and communication devices based on qubits can greatly outperform all current ICT on specific tasks. I will briefly review some of these tasks, discuss the current status of devices and speculate how we may achieve this new "quantum revolution" within the newly established QuTech center in Delft.



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