Swapneel Deshpande, RUN

Title: Smart tunable DNA crosslinked PIC hydrogel
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 11:30


Stimuli-responsive hydrogels have attracted substantial interest in recent years due to their biomimetic nature and widespread biomedical applications. These hydrogels have potential applications in smart biosensing(diagnostics), as in-vivo delivery vehicles, and in tissue engineering scaffolds. Thermo responsive hydrogels derived from polyisocyanopeptides (PICs) show a tunable thermal transition where the chains bundle together to generate transparent gels at extremely low concentrations. In this work we further developed these polymers for potential biomedical application by introducing DNA crosslinks; formed by DNA bridges on functionalised PICs with complementary DNA, which can initiate and control stepped configuration leading to formation of tunable hydrogels. These hydrogel mimic Nature's hydrogels, in a way that they become stiffer with increasing strain(strain stiffening); which living cells use to influence various cellular processes. We also report the effect of polymer length, and density on the mechanical properties of DNA crosslinked PIC hydrogel. These smart DNA crosslinked PIC hydrogels display significant stimuli response which is further explored for microRNA biosensing.






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NanoCity 2015
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