Remco Vos, Bronkhorst High-Tech/Saxion

Title demonstrator:

Characterisation of Medicine Mixtures (CHARMM).


In multi-infusion IV therapy, knowledge of the flowrate and the exact composition of a medicine mixture is very important, especially in neonatology, where it is imperative that a newborn gets the right amount of medicine. Typical flow rates are very low, in the range of 1 ml/h. Therefore the system is very susceptible to changes, such as changes in the flowrate of a syringe pump, or even flexing the delivery lines. These changes can cause critical transient flow-effects at the entrance of the catheter of the patient.

We present a demonstrator setup consisting of a Coriolis and thermal flow sensor and a differential pressure sensor. The setup is based on an Integrated Multiflow Parameter system (IMPS), recently developed by Bronkhorst High-Tech BV, together with the MESA+ Institute of the University of Twente. The setup is able to measure different (thermo)physical properties of a fluid. An inverse mixing model is used to determine the concentrations of the separate components and measure the actual dose a neonate receives.


NanoCity 2015



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