Reinier van Mourik, IBM

Title: In-line Spin-Torque Nano-Oscillator
Session: Monday 5 October, 16:15


"Spin-torque nano-oscillators (STNO) form a magnetic alternative to electronic microwave oscillators, boasting advantages such as tiny size and tunability. Typically they consist of two magnetic layers separated by a non-magnetic layer. Electrons in a direct current become spin-polarized by one layer and deposit their angular momentum in the other, inducing sustained magnetic precession. This translates to an oscillating voltage through the Giant or Tunneling Magnetoresistance effect. We propose a novel STNO scheme using a single nanowire, the in-line STNO (iSTNO). The oscillating cells are nanoscale in-plane magnetized regions of an otherwise out-of-plane magnetized nanowire. Simulations demonstrate the concept and show that neighboring cells frequency-lock. Contrary to most STNOs, no external field is required. In addition, we show spectrum analyzer measurements of fabricated iSTNO devices indicative of oscillation."






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