Pim van der Asdonk, RUN

Title: Patterning of Soft Matter in Water across Multiple Length Scales
Session: Monday 5 October, 14:00


Controlling the organization of functional supramolecular materials at both short and long length scales as well as creating hierarchical patterns is essential for many biological and electro-optical applications. It remains however an extremely challenging objective to date, particularly in water-based systems. In this work, we demonstrate that we can organize water-processable self-assembling materials from micrometers to centimeters in any direction using liquid crystal templating in combination with photo-addressable command layers. The structural assemblies that we prepare are readily transformed into electro-optical functional materials after photopolymerization. After this step, the template may be removed to leave the functional material well-organized on the substrate.

The advantage of our approach is that it lacks specific molecular interactions and uses simple techniques such as spincoating and photo-illumination and it may therefore be applied to a wide range of (aqueous) materials and potential applications.





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