Pascal Sleutel, UTwente

Title: Drop impact on a liquid pool and bubble entrainment for low Bond numbers
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 15:15


Droplets impacting on a deep pool of liquid are encountered in many industrial applications for example printing, food processing and EUV-generation. Droplet impact on a liquid surface can cause a splash with many small droplets, jets following cavity collapse or the entrapment of bubbles. For industry, control of this behavior after impact is crucial to improve performance.
This work focuses on an entirely new parameter range of velocities and droplet sizes, namely small and very fast droplets. This means we enter a regime in drop impact where gravity has limited influence and the process is dominated by the forces of surface tension. In experiments we observe how wave dynamics in a collapsing cavity evolve and drive the entrainment of bubbles. The experiments are supported with numerical simulations and theoretical analysis. This has lead to new understanding of the entrainment dynamics important for various industrial applications.








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