RTL Z broadcasting live in NanoCity

Oct 5, 2015

On the first day of NanoCity the Dutch national TV channel RTL Z broadcasted several live shows by the programme RTL Toekomstmakers. Presenters Hella Hueck and Jim Stolze interviewed guests telling them about the possibilities and solutions nanotechnology has to offer. The nanotech experts who were interviewed were amongst others Professor Dave Blank (University of Twente, chair NanoNextNL), Professor Menno Prins (Eindhoven University of Technology) and Professor Guus Rijnders (University of Twente).  

Interviewee Professor Dave Blank - Nanotechnologie: wat is dat nou eigenlijk?

Interviewee Professor Guus Rijnders - Nanotechnologie voorkomt tennisarm

 Interviewee Professor Menno Prins - Nanotechnologie: iedereen wordt dokter

 Interviewee Ronny van 't Oever - Nanotechnologie is groot in Nederland

 Video Binnen 20 minuten weten welk antibioticum je nodig hebt

Video Nanotechnologie: zonnepanelen kunnen veel dunner

Wrap up of NanoCity - RTL Today pronounced Monday 5 October 'Dag van de nanotechnologie'


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