Michael Beuwer, TUE

Title: Correlated fluorescence and AFM imaging to study supramolecular polymer morphology
Session: Monday 5 October, 15:00


Supramolecular polymers are aggregates of monomers that self-assemble by non-covalent interactions. Although the physical properties of the polymer are in principle determined by the chemical structure of the monomer, simulations [1] and experiments [2] have revealed large differences that are likely caused by stacking faults and defects. Such imperfections are expected to generally impact the dynamic behavior and mechanical properties of non-covalent (bio)polymers. It is therefore crucial to study the morphology of these structures experimentally.

Here, the persistence length of self-assembled fluorescently-labeled 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxamide polymers (typical width ~6 nm, length 2-20 µm) was measured using fluorescence microscopy and was correlated to the same molecule's morphology by atomic force microscopy (AFM). We will describe the integrated experimental setup, characterize the resolution and reproducibility, describe the challenges encountered when imaging these soft non-covalent fibers, and show correlations between micrometer-scale and nanometer-scale characteristics of the fibers.





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NanoCity 2015
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