Kelly Muijlwijk, WUR

Title: Dynamic interfacial tension measured in the millisecond range with microfluidics
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 14:15


Better knowledge of the early steps of emulsion droplet formation and stabilisation is required to understand emulsification processes. For this, insight in emulsifier adsorption mechanisms during droplet formation is crucial.
We show that the interfacial tension change resulting from emulsifier adsorption can be measured with a microfluidic Y-junction device. Adsorption of emulsifiers to the oil-water interface reduces the interfacial tension, resulting in the formation of smaller droplets. A model based on experiments carried out with systems of known interfacial tension was used to successfully calculate the interfacial tension in dynamic systems.
This microfluidics-based method allows exploration of emulsifier behaviour at the oil-water interface at very short time-scales (i.e., sub-millisecond to milliseconds), which is not possible through any other technique. It is expected that information obtained with this method will help industry to optimise ingredient formulation and processing conditions, using adsorption behaviour as a starting point for product and process design.




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NanoCity 2015
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