Janneke Veerbeek, Utwente

Title: Molecular monolayers as electrical passivation for silicon solar cells
Session: Monday 5 October, 14:45


Silicon solar cells are currently of high interest in the quest for sustainable energy sources. This research aims for increasing the solar cell output via electrical passivation. Silicon solar cells were fabricated by doping 2D substrates and 3D micropillars with flat and radial junctions, respectively. Monolayers of organic molecules were coupled to these substrates via a thermal hydrosilylation method in which chemical compounds with unsaturated end groups are grafted onto silicon in an oxide-free way. The monolayer blocks dangling bonds at the silicon surface, so that less electron-hole recombination can occur. This increased the photovoltaic efficiency from 9.4 to 10.7%. Subsequent catalyst coupling would be possible at the monolayer head groups to make the devices suitable for solar-to-fuel purposes.






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