Jan van den Berg, performing artist and filmmaker

Title: Scientists on stage
Session: Monday 5 October, 20:15


In a way scientists are like dancers. They dance with their material, a pas de deux with an open ending. It is not for nothing that their work is called research, because one does not know in advance what the outcome of it will be.
Especially for Nanocity 2015 performing artist and filmmaker Jan van den Berg creates and hosts a unique edition of his theatre show Scientists on Stage, in which he welcomes two special guests: Joost Frenken and Loes Segerink.
Scientists on Stage is an adventurous mixture of mini-lectures, a talkshow, and film- & music fragments, in which two scientists with widely diverging expertises and very different backgrounds, meet each other on stage. Loes Segerink and Joost Frenken, in this case, will be invited to provide a mini-lecture and to engage in a dialogue about the similarities and differences between their disciplines and research methods. They will also be asked to share their perception of science and their sources of inspiration. And they will be challenged to exchange their thoughts and insights about such topics as agreeable mistakes and unintentional discoveries, future scenario's and moral dilemmas, and the happy dreams and nightmares about their work.



Jan van den Berg is a documentary theatre- and filmmaker in the borderland of performing arts and science. His work has been characterised as that of "an extremely adept communicator who makes his correspondences with smart precision ...". He created a few film documentaries and a large variety of theatre shows about scientific topics such as anatomy, genomics, stem cell research, artificial intelligence, nanaphotonics and particle physics. His latest one man show, entitled HIGGS – stand up physics, about the quest for the Higgs boson at CERN, was described as a "storytelling session of genius".

Loes Segerink is an assistant professor at the University of Twente where she focuses on the development of microfluidic systems for (bio)medical applications, thereby increasing the knowledge of biological systems and improving the diagnostics and treatment of diseases. Last year Loes Segerink was awarded an NWO Veni Grant for her ground breaking research project on microfluidics systems for semen analysis.

Joost Frenken is the Director of the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ARCNL focuses on the fundamental physics involved in current and future key technologies in nanolithography, primarily for the semiconductor industry. Central to Frenken's personal research is the fundamental understanding of the dynamic aspects of surfaces and interfaces and their role in relevant, natural or industrial processes under practical conditions.. Frenken is a member of the Netherlands Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW), serves on a variety of national and international committees and boards.



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