Hinke Schokker, AMOLF

Title: Lasing in Plasmonic Periodic, Aperiodic, and Disordered Systems
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 12:00


We report room-temperature lasing in two-dimensional diffractive lattices of plasmon particle arrays embedded in a dye-doped polymer that acts both as waveguide and gain medium. As compared to conventional dielectric distributed feedback (DFB) lasers, the underlying band structure is modified by both the much stronger scattering and the disadvantageous loss of metal. In particular, the large stop gap in periodic lattices indicates robustness against disorder, which we prove by showing lasing even when removing as many as 98% of particles and shifting them by as much as a quarter of the periodicity. To quantify the transition from DFB to random lasing, we analyze the intensity statistics and real-space autocorrelations of laser output, using tools borrowed from speckle analysis. Furthermore, we study lasing as function of spatial correlation order parameter in a suite of quasiperiodic, aperiodic and random systems, ranging from Fibonacci to Thue-Morse and Rudin-Shapiro lattices.







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NanoCity 2015
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