Hamed Sadeghian, TNO/TU Delft

Title: Probing the Interactions at Nano-scale with the Use of Nano-Opto-Mechanical Instruments (NOMI)
Session: Monday 5 October, 13:30


Understanding the interactions of matter at nano-scale has become the key for the success of several applications. In nanoelectronics or semiconductor industry, it helps for better manufacturing (higher resolution towards sub-10 nm  structures, more complex structures) and reliable nanometrology and nano-inspection (for improving the yield of process).
One of the NOMI to probe the interactions at nano-scale is scanning probe microscope. The ability to accurately measure critical dimensions in nanometer scale, has made it an important instrument in several industrial applications such as semiconductor, solar and data storage.
Single SPM has never been able to compete with other inspection systems in throughput, thus has not fulfilled the industry needs in throughput and cost. Further increase of the speed of the single SPM helps, but it still is far from the required throughput and, therefore, insufficient for high-volume manufacturing.
Over the past three years, we have developed a concept for a multiple miniaturized SPM (MSPM) heads system (parallel SPM), which can inspect and measure many sites in parallel. The very high speed of miniaturized SPM heads allow the user to scan many area, each with the size of tens of microemeters, in few seconds. The first part of my talk is about development of high throughput (parallel) SPM.
The second part of my talk is about meta-instrument. Metainstrument is a type of optical nanoinstrument where the core is based on optical metamaterials to go beyond the diffraction limits for high resolution imaging. Advantages of optical techniques compared to SPM is that they provide direct capture imaging which is fast and allow large fields of views to be covered quickly.
The development of first generation of metainstrument will be discussed in detail.



Dr. Hamed Sadeghian received his PhD (Cum Laude) in 2010 from Delft University of Technology. He then continued his career as a Postdoctoral fellow and he develop several nano-opto-mechanical instruments for nano-scale interaction measurement. He is currently one of the Principal Scientists at TNO, group leader and system architecture of NOMI (Nano-Opto-Mechatronics Instruments) at department of Optomechatronics.
His research group NOMI focuses on development of Instruments where the core is based on interaction of electromagnetic or mechanical waves with matters, with a focus on industrial and societal applications. Examples are development of the parallel AFM as a sub-nm, high throughput metrology and inspection solution for Semiconductor industry, high resolution optical microscopy with metainstruments and 3D nanotomography to resolve invisible nanostructures under the surface. He is a part-time scientific staff at TU Delft, department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering, PME. He is also the leader of Early research program (ERP) 3D nanomanufacturing Instruments at TNO.
In 2014 he also received his MBA degree from Leuven Vlerick Business School, Belgium. He was also a co-founder of Jahesh Poulad Co. (2002), which designs, manufactures and installs mechanical and electrical equipment for steel industries.
Dr. Sadeghian holds 20 patents, and has authored more than 50 technical papers and co-authored a book. He is a member of editorial advisory board of Sensors & Transducers Journal. He is also a member of technical committee of SENSORDEVICES conference since 2010 till present. He is also a recipient of several best paper awards. In 2012 he was awarded as "TNO excellent researcher". 



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