Floris van Kempen, TU Delft

Title: Design optimalization of microreactors
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 14:15


Miniaturization of chemical reactors has many fundamental and practical advantages, especially when operating under continuous flow conditions. Although there are now many industrial and academic applications of continuously operated microfluidic reactors, the predicted theoretical efficiencies can usually not be attained in practice. We present a numerical method to systematically optimize the microreactor geometry, such that advantageous conditions are created by adapting the flow pattern. This method allows process-tailored reactors, and fully utilizes the available capabilities of modern microfabrication techniques, while reducing the required design time. We show that the optimized reactors outperform traditional designs for classical reactions in terms of higher conversion and higher throughput rates. It can be used for reactor design but also for design of mixers and separation units. We foresee a significant impact in various disciplines, since optimized designs can lead to more efficient and selective microreactors, enabling better controlled, less polluting and more economical chemical processes.





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NanoCity 2015
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