Fabai Wu, TUD

Title: Pattern formation and cellular organization in shaped bacterial sculptures
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 12:00


The spatial boundary of a cell governs its internal organization. We use nanofabricated structures to shape living E. coli cells into defined geometries, such as squares and rectangles, and study the effect of cell shape on their intracellular pattern formation and genome organization. Our studies on the division-regulator Min proteins uncover fundamental rules on how a Turing reaction-diffusion mechanism is used to sense the symmetry of cell shape and adapt to cell size. Our studies of the chromosomal organization reveal how cell shape influences both the compaction and distribution of bacterial genomes. We further assist these experimental studies with numerical simulations. As cell-shape formation, cell division, and chromosome organization in bacteria are prime targets of many antibiotics, our results also provide unique insights into mechanisms of antibiotic killing and antibiotic resistance. All together, we establish a framework for systematically and quantitatively probing the influence of cell shape on cellular organization.






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NanoCity 2015
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