Esther van Andel, WUR

Title: Romantic Surfaces – Towards Sensitive and Selective Antifouling Biosensor Platforms
Session: Monday 5 October, 14:30


False outcomes of diagnostic tests are a major concern in medical health care. In order to perform more reliable tests it is of crucial importance to diminish background signals that arise from the non-specific binding of biomolecules onto the sensor surfaces. So-called romantic surfaces can solve this problem as they will repel all biomolecules except that special one you are interested in. To achieve this, repellent, antifouling layers need to be incorporated between the sensor surface and its recognition elements (e.g. antibodies, sugars or peptides). In this contribution the use of zwitterionic polymer brushes as highly antifouling layers will be demonstrated. The final aim is to develop a ring resonator-based diagnostic test for the detection of the auto-immune disease Guillain-Barré Syndrome, for which a reliable test is lacking.







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