Erik Garnett, FOM Institute AMOLF

Title: Advanced Nanoscale Solar Cell Characterization
Session: Monday 5 October, 13:30


Solar cells convert light into electricity.  All the fundamental steps of the conversion process occur at the nanoscale and therefore a full understanding requires characterization at this level as well.  The most fundamental characterization involves resolving the 3D structure of a material at the nanoscale.  Together with FEI we have developed a novel technique to reconstruct the structure of buried nanomaterial interfaces using only a standard scanning electron microscope (SEM).  Once a structure is known, it is possible to simulate the expected optical response.  However, in many cases it is not impossible to accurately simulate absorption due to very complex surface roughness.  Therefore we have developed a method for directly measuring the quantitative absorption in nanostructures with diffraction-limited spatial resolution.  Using this same optical setup we can also spatially resolve the photocurrent response and photoluminescence, which allow us to map both the external and internal quantum efficiency and see variations in radiative recombination.  Finally, our setup also allows for TEM imaging on operational devices, adding full crystallographic and chemical mapping to our suite of knowledge on a given sample.


NanoCity 2015
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