D5 Safe Innovation

Nanotechnology is seen as an important tool to boost economic growth and sustainable development, as well as an important driver of societal prosperity. This technology receives vast public and private fundings to stimulate its development into commercial utilization. Unfortunately, when innovative products near the stadium of commercialization discussions about human and environmental safety seem to threaten full blossoming of the innovation potential and of investments done before. Solutions request interaction between innovators and regulators along the various stages of innovation. Based on experiences of interactions between the RATA theme and other themes in NanoNextNL, first concepts for approaches on how to come to safe innovations were developed. Within this session ideas on Safe Innovation will be explained, but also regulators and innovators will present their views.


Location / Chair

Kings Cross Station / Adrienne Sips (RIVM)

Starting at
EU research policy for the safety of nanotechologies
Responsible innovation for nanotechnologies: how to do it.
ProSafe - NANoREG - via NANoREG and ProSafe to Solutions
Safe Innovation Approach -something old, something new and something borrowed-
NanoDefine - How to find out if your product falls under the EC definition of nanomaterial
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