Cornelle Noorlander, RIVM

Title: Safe Innovation Approach -something old, something new and something borrowed-
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 15:00


Innovative technologies, such as nanotechnology, and their products often face discussions about their safety when or market is reached. Uncertainties about safety threaten full blossoming of the investments done before, as regulatory questions pop-up in a field full of established interests. Regulators urge industry to invest more in safe-by-design, whereas industry request more clarity from regulators on data requirements to demonstrate safety of such innovative technologies.
Here we describe an approach which combines activities on safe-by-design with activities to timely regulatory preparedness, based on a so-called stage-gate innovation models. This approach will lead to timely and markedly reduction of uncertainty about safety of innovative technologies and their products by timely and secured interaction between innovators and regulators.





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