Cinzia Silvestri, TUD

Title: On-Chip cooling by vertically aigned CNT bundles
Session: Monday 5 Ocotber, 14:00


The increased packaging density and non-uniform heat dissipation at chip level are pushing the limits of the traditional cooling approaches, leading to an increased interest on alternative cooling concepts. In particular, there is an significant need for localized and customized cooling solutions in electronic devices. Vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) bundle appears to be one of the most promising candidates in enhancing the local heat dissipation while also enabling on-chip integration. Here we shows a thermal characterization of VACNT bundles directly grown on top of a suspended membrane. The proposed microfabricated structure allows us to fully characterize the CNT bundle thermal performances and demonstrates the possibility in integrating nanoscale material into microscale devices and packaged macroscale systems. We report local cooling as much as 67°C by integrating multi bundle CNT. This represents a viable on-chip cooling technology.





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