Chuan Nie, TUE

Title: A flexible microfluidic-Si chip system for sweat sensing applications
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 14:45


We introduce a point-of-care system combining technologies such as silicon chip packaging, flexible electronics and evaporation driven micropumping for liquid analysis applications such as wearable sweat monitoring bandage.  The system is based on flexible foils with functionalities laminated together. The functionalities being a microfluidic system with a porous outlet and paper based inlet and an integrated silicon sensor chip for pH monitoring. A continuous flow of liquid within the microchannel is realized through a method that is inspired by liquid transportation in plants from roots to leaves via microchannels and stomata by capillarity and evaporation. The performance of the pump is well studied. The porous structure at the outlet can be modified as a digital indicator of the flow rate as well as the sweat rate at the inlet. Output signal is recorded by changing different buffers at the inlet over time. The results show good agreement with theoretical predictions.





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