Susan Wijnhoven, RIVM

Title: Development of ConsExpo nano: a tool to investigate potential consumer exposure to nanomaterials in consumer spray products
Session: Monday 5 October, 17:00


The potential exposure of consumers to nanoparticles raises concern about possible adverse health effects. As the dermal and oral absorption of nanoparticles form non-food consumer products seems to be limited, these concerns are mainly on the potential inhalation of nanoparticles as aerosol from consumer products in applications as spray cans, pump sprays or powders.

To assess consumer exposure to nanoparticles from sprays and powders, RIVM has developed ConsExpo nano, an adaptation of the 'exposure to spray' model from the ConsExpo tool for nanomaterial spray scenarios. In this new tool, apart from mass, alternative dose metrics such as total number or total surface area of the nanoparticles inhaled have been suggested, allowing the exposure assessor to evaluate various alternatives.

Because the most relevant effect after inhalation exposure to nanomaterials is the induction of inflammation in the alveoli (Braakhuis et al. (2014)), and one of the most critical determinants of this effect is both the magnitude and duration of the alveolar load of a nanomaterial, ConsExpo nano combines models that estimate the external aerosol concentration in indoor air, with models that estimate the deposition in and clearance of inhaled aerosol from the alveolar region. The tool is currently online, but additional comments are highly appreciated via



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