Chiat Cheong, PostDoc Career Development Initiative

Title: Make your PhD a stepping stone to success
Session: Monday 5 October, 14:30


Immersed in academia, you certainly know what it takes to become a principal investigator. But if you aspire a career outside academia, do you know what non-academic employers expect and what your PhD is worth? And how you demonstrate the personal experience you have gained during your PhD?

M2i Human Capital can tell you all about this and coach your career orientation in the field of Materials Science. But we think at this occasion it is much more valuable to lift this subject to a conceptual level.

Therefore we have asked Chiat Cheong of PCDI (Post Career Development Initiative) to take you along the questions, opportunities and perhaps doubts that you might have when you are considering a career outside Academia.



Chiat worked in academia across Europe as a researcher on cancer gene therapy (PhD in 2005) for 11 years. Her strong interests in communication and project management drew her away from her London laboratory to PCDI, back to the Netherlands. She is convinced that choices should be driven by motivation and not by limitations.


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