Camiel van Hoorn, VU Amsterdam

Title: Ferrule-top opto-mechanical probes as a new tool in VCSEL reliability experiments
Session: Monday 5 October, 16:15


Ferrule-top cantilevers are all-optical probes obtained by fabricating a tiny rectangular beam on top
of a ferruled fiber. These micro devices can be used to combine atomic force microscopy with
optical surface analysis. The design allows one to transmit light to and collect light from the sample,
paving the way to the development of instruments that can provide information regarding the
topology of the surface and its chemical composition, its inner structure, or its near-field properties.
We will show the value of these probes in failure-mode analysis of vertical cavity surface emitting
lasers (VCSELs). Time-resolved mapping of high spatial-resolution optical information makes it
possible to observe local failure before any other approach can.



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