Bruno Romeira, TU Eindhoven

Title: Dynamic characteristics of electrically pumped waveguide-coupled metal-cavity nanoLEDs
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 15:15


Future optical interconnects require ultra-small light sources working efficiently at ultrafast speeds. This will be of paramount importance for the development of the future ultrafast computing and communication systems. In this work, we investigate the high-speed dynamic characteristics of electrically pumped metal-cavity semiconductor nano-light-emitting diodes (nanoLEDs). The nano-light sources consist of a metal-cavity nanopillar coupled to a InP-waveguide on a III-V membrane bonded to silicon. We achieve sub-nanosecond electro-optical response showing potential for direct modulation at Gb/s speeds. The results represent a step forward in providing efficient and ultrafast sources for optical interconnects.





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