Banafshad Sajadi, TUD

Title: Pull-in instability of champed plates for surface stress measurements
Session: Monday 5 October, 14:30


The performance of surface-stress micro-mechanical sensors is based on deformation of their micro/nano components, such as cantilevers, double-clamped beams or plates. When a fully clamped plate is used as the sensing component, an isolation is provided between the detection and the sensing surfaces. This allows for a wider range of electric readout techniques with high resolution in a liquid environment, and consequently the potential for high-volume and low-cost manufacturing.

In this paper, we introduce the electric pull-in instability as a readout mechanism for surface-stress sensors. The pull-in phenomena of a clamped plate with different loading conditions, is studied. This study shows that the pull-in voltage is highly sensitive to a change in surface-stress and that this sensitivity can be further improved by a preloading of the plate. This proves the suitability of a pressurized clamped plate with pull-in instability readout technique for surface-stress measurements.





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