B5 NanoBusiness


Kings Cross Station / Dick Koster (NanoNextNL)


15:45Moderator: general introduction and instruction (game rules)   
15:57NNNL.10A.04Joost LöttersSpin-off company/University of TwentePolymer based microfluidic handling system for performance improvement of multi-infusion systems. How to reach affordable multi-million pieces per year.
 16:08 NNNL.01A.02Aaike van VughtVSParticle/TU DelftOn demand (nano) high output particle generator enabling easy embedding in the production of (nano) enhanced materials and products
 16:19 NNNL.03E.08Michel KlerksInnosieve DiagnosticsTest kit for fast and simplified diagnosis of bacterial respiratory tract infections in inhaled air by novel Sieve-ID-technology 
15 min. track change     
16:45NNNL.06C.11Jasper van Weerd Lipocoat/University of TwenteProprietary Lipid-based biocontact coatings making surfaces resistant to biological fouling. Applied to medical products, i.e. contact lenses 
 16:56  NNNL.06D.09 Sander Dorenbos Single Quantum/TU Delft Single Photons: from fundamental physics to a commercial success
 17:07 NNNL.07A.10Menno de Jong Nano-FM Synthetic 'Matrigel': superior matrix-mimetic hydrogels for improved 2D and 3D cell cultivation. 
17:18  NNNL.08B.08 Gerrit Sitters Lumicks/VU University Acoustic Force Spectroscopy: a new instrument for highly parallel single molecule measurements 
 17:29 moderator (closing)   
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