Arne Leinse, Lionix

Title: Stress-optic modulator in TriPleX platform using a piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thin film
Session: Tuesday 6 October, 11:00


In a recent published Optics Express paper a new form of electro optic tuning of the SiN based waveguide platform TriPleX was published, which is based on a stress-optic phase modulator defined by a piezo optic PZT layer on top of the waveguide structure. (N.Hosseini, et al. "Stress-optic modulator in TriPleX platform using a ezoelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thin film," Opt. Express 23, 14018-14026 (2015)). In this current submission we will give a detailed view of this technology and present these new and innovative results in more detail to the audience. This will show a reduction of the power consumption of a factor of 1 million for quasi-DC operation and an increase of the modulation speed by three orders of magnitude, compared to currently used thermo-optic modulation in the TriPleX platform. The current work is a nice collaboration beween NN projects 07-B02 and 06-B08.





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