NanoCity 2015 is a two-day event on nanoscience and nanotechnology. It brings together scientists, industrial specialists, entrepreneurs and policymakers. Cutting edge research and the latest industrial technologies will be presented. Technological developments, societal challenges and risk analyses will be discussed.








NanoCity is initiated by NanoNextNL, the Dutch national research and technology programme for micro and nano technology. At NanoCity 2015 the national and international nano- and microtechnology community will meet each other. The entire NanoNextNL community will be brought together again, as in NanoCity 2014. The aim of NanoCity is to create an open, dynamic and long term ecosystem for research and innovation. 

NanoNextNL is a Dutch national research and technology programme in which academic and industrial participants collaborate.The aim of the programme is to accelerate the creation of sustainable economic and social value. This is achieved by developing and commercialising innovative nano and microtechnology, and by forming an ecosystem of researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

NanoNextNL is comprised of 28 research programmes within 10 themes. A total of 13 universities, 8 medical centres, 13 knowledge institutes and 102 industrial partners participate in NanoNextNL. The total budget of NanoNextNL is 250 million euro for the period 2010-2016. Over 750 PhD students, post-docs and other research staff contribute to NanoNextNL.

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NanoCity is open to anyone interested in micro and nanoscience. In particular we would like to invite:

  • scientists, technical staff and students from universities active in the nanofield
  • researchers, technical staff and managers working at SMEs and industries involved in nanotechnologies
  • NanoNextNL participants and stakeholders
  • researchers, technical staff and managers from other scientific disciplines linked to nano
  • national and international policy makers in the nanofield
  • students, press and others interested in nanotechnologies



The NanoCity programme was put together by a programme committee composed of:

  • Albert Polman (AMOLF)
  • Machteld de Kroon (TNO)
  • Menno Prins (TU Eindhoven)

The programme committee consulted all NanoNextNL Program Directors, with support of Marjan Fretz (NanoNextNL).

  • NanoCity 2015
  • NanoCity 2015
  • NanoCity 2015
  • NanoCity 2015
  • NanoCity 2015
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