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During NanoCity 2015 we have created a Career Development Tour, that will give tools to both researchers looking for career opportunities and to companies looking for skilled workers to find the right connection to make the next step. Next to a Career Development parallel session, where speakers will give more insight on what a PhD can do in industry and how to do it, there is a workshop to build on skills and a matchmaking session, where researchers can meet their next career destination. On top of that, there is a real business case to work on, and the winner will be awarded with a one year contract at TMC Nanotechnology.


The Career Development Tour starts with a Career Development session, which gives an introduction to the possibilities of these knowledge workers, not only from the perspective of an employee, but also from that of an employer. Two speakers will address questions like 'What are the possible career paths after a PhD?', 'How to take responsibility of your future career?', 'What is the added value of a PhD for industry?' and 'How to build the right network?'


Location / Chair

Kings Cross Station / Frans Kampers (WUR)

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Career development in industry: revenge of the nerds
Make your PhD a stepping stone to success
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